Skin Cancer Clinic

Skin cancer can be a disfiguring or even life threatening disease.

After prevention, early detection is the most important factor in preventing these serious consequences.

If you or anyone in your family has something on their skin that is GROWING  & CHANGING , or looks DIFFERENT to all your other spots it needs to be checked.


A top to toe WHOLE BODY EXAMINATION is recommended for all patients. Instruction on how to perform self & partner checks will also be provided.

  • Easy parking.

  • Prompt appointments.

  • All patients bulk billed.

We are able to offer a full range of treatment options in fully equipped and professional facilities at both our clinics. Skin cancer checks are quick and play an important part in preventing and reducing the impact of skin cancer.

Dr David Parker and Dr Vijay Varsani are available for bookings now.  Call 4333 1222 to make an appointment.