COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

We will be with you throughout this difficult time, and have created this COVID-19 Patient Resource Page to keep you up-to-date with the latest information and links to reliable sources of information which will help you understand how you can safely access medical care.

Appointment bookings – the new way to book

To ensure everyone’s safety and so that everyone remains at home as much as possible, we are changing how appointments can be made.  We have decided that the safest way to do this is for your usual GP to call you about your health concerns prior to a face to face consultation being made with us.

Many of your concerns can be addressed in a phone call without the need for you to leave your home.

If you need to see your GP, please book a Telehealth appointment online, or call our receptionists on 4333 1222 – they will place you on your GP’s list for a phone call.

Our GP’s are doing the bulk of Telehealth calls in the mornings between 8am and 12noon. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee an exact time, but if you have a Telehealth appointment your GP will be calling you.

Please do not come into the practice unless you have an appointment.

If your GP requires you to come to the practice, they will make an appointment time for you.

Please remember that social distancing also means you should not be bringing extra family members or friends with you to your appointment unless absolutely necessary. If possible, have them wait in the car or outside until the appointment is over.

Do not arrive too early for your appointment as we are trying to limit the number of people in our waiting room. Please wait in your car, or in an open space before entering the clinic.

Tips on GP phone calls

  • If you have a mobile phone – please make sure you have your phone on and with you on the morning of your phone call
  • If you have a landline – please make sure you are home on the morning of the phone call
  • Protect your privacy. The GP will ask you personal information to ensure they are speaking to the correct person, so try to make sure no-one else can overhear your conversation – don’t be in the supermarket or at the shops or on speaker.

Video consultations will be introduced soon – we are just ensuring we have the right platform for you to use that is safe and secure.

Download Zoom for Video Consultations

We will be using Zoom for our video consultations.  If you would like to have a video consultation with your GP, please download Zoom using one of the links below.

To ensure the security of these consultations, your GP will call you first – they will then ask you to open your Zoom app and will give you the required passwords over the phone.


Zoom Mobile Apps

Start, join and schedule meetings; send group text, images and push-to-talk messages on mobile devices.


Zoom Client for Meetings

Download Zoom Client for Meetings on your computer here.
Version 4.6.9 (19253.0401)

How do I get my script after a phone/video consult with my GP?

Your GP will send your script to your local pharmacy (where possible).  Scripts cannot be picked up from our practices.  Please wait for about 30 mins to 1 hr before going to your pharmacy to pick up your medication.  If you are in a high risk group, or unable to attend your Pharmacy, see if they can deliver your medication.

Resources you can rely on

The following links will give you up-to-date information about COVID-19

Department of Health

Prime Minister of Australia Media Centre

Social distancing

COVID-19 Resources & Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet for Older Australians

Older people (60+ years of age, or 50+ for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples) are more susceptible to getting sick with COVID-19 (coronavirus).

This fact sheet outlines the facts and measures that you, your family and your friends can take to protect older Australians.

Should I wear a mask or gloves when I go out?

Surgical masks vs P2/N95 masks – which masks protect against Coronavirus?

(Credit: iStock)

The simplified explanation is this:

  • A surgical mask is designed to protect people from you 
  • A P2/N95 mask is designed to protect you from other people

If you are well, you do not need to wear a surgical mask.

If you have a cold or flu like symptoms and you have to go out for essential travel (e.g. to your GP or pharmacist), please wear a surgical mask to protect the people you come into contact with.

Gloves – should I wear them?

There are many people out and about wearing gloves.  While gloves can make you feel safer, the reality is that it may be causing you more harm or just as much harm as bare hands because of ‘cross contamination’.

For example:

You decide to go to the supermarket (an legitimate reason to be out and about at the moment).  You park your car, put on your gloves and go into the shops.  As you are shopping you are touching items that other people will also have touched – your gloves are now contaminated.  But you feel safe in the knowledge that you are protected because you are wearing your gloves.

Then your mobile phone rings or beeps with a message … you answer it with your gloved hands, or type in a reply and put it in your pocket and continue your shopping – without even giving it a second thought.

You reach for your wallet/purse and pay for your groceries, then return to your car.  You open your boot with your gloved hand, put in your groceries and then get into your car.  Then you remove your gloves.  Your phone rings or beeps again – you take out your phone and answer it or send a text.

YOUR GLOVES WERE CONTAMINATED IN THE SUPERMARKET – you have now spread that contamination to your mobile phone (which you then put to your face later), your wallet, your car boot and your car door handle.

The gloves you put on with such good intentions have not helped you at all.  You may have touched surfaces that you would normally avoid because you were wearing your gloves (like stair railings).


The better option would be to not touch anything and if you do, wash your hands.  Remember NOT to touch your face at any time.  Wipe down your groceries when you get home, rinse your fruit and vegetables, disinfect your car door handles, and your boot release, and don’t forget to wipe your mobile phone down!


We are still open delivering quality healthcare during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that this is a stressful, uncertain and anxiety-provoking time for many of our patients and have implemented some additional procedures in regard to booking appointments to ensure the safety of all our patients and staff. Our reception staff are happy to assist you with your enquiries and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we attend to your needs, however rude or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Appointment Bookings
  • Regular patients of the practice who have visited in the last 12 months can make a Telehealth appointment with their usual GP via telephone - if you require a face to face appointment you can discuss this with your GP during the telephone consultation.
  • New patients & patients who require skin cancer checks are asked to call 4333 1222
When presenting at the practice
  • Our doors are locked to ensure the safety of our patients and staff – if you have an appointment please knock and our receptionists will let you in.
  • All visitors are required to wear a face mask when in the medical centre - face masks will be provided if you do not have one.
  • Only patients with appointments (& their carers or those with toddlers) will be allowed into the practice.
  • Temperature checks will be done at reception & COVID-19 questions will be asked.
Please do not come to the practice if you do not have an appointment or are suffering from respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, fever) or if you have been overseas, to Victoria, or been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.